Crypto Jobs Daily is helping to create a new professional employment classification for the rapidly growing Web3 and Crypto industry. 

Until now, companies in this industry have struggled to keep up with the Web3 sector’s stellar growth and this is due to the difficulties in finding the right talent. The unique skills, experiences, and challenges faced in Web3 have created new categories and classifications of skills required for this emerging industry.

Enter Crypto Jobs Daily.

I am the founder here at Crypto Jobs Daily and have been in the Crypto space since 2013 and have a unique insight into the growth of companies in various sectors of the industry during the last 9 years. I set up the platform after myself searching for my first job in Web3 back in 2019 and the various challenges I faced during a job hunt.

Make the most of this exclusive, Web3 and Crypto job board - as an employer or a professional. You can reach out to me at any time on Twitter and happy to help where I can.

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